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Date: 18/12/2014

By: MartinTona

Subject: chaussure nikeiibbbbbb

Date: 30/09/2013

By: Adrián

Subject: Purication Gathering

Hi, my name is Adrian. I´m 24 years old, and native from Málaga. Is long time ago that i´m interesting into live a Raimbow experience, because I thint that it will connect to my soul.

My mail is

Thank you for everything

Date: 19/09/2013

By: Jc

Subject: Rawfood Community

Hello Meenhard,
nice to hearing from you,I'm still interest in the project,tell me more about lands ,are they around Jozeph Finca or spread in the area(like mountain and sea side)?How much cost the land renting,are there water running possibilities? I' ve already plan to go south in Winter from January to March i' think,I'll be pleased to visit you ,jozeph,and the tribe.
I've started "base camp" in Parent's land (near Nantes)but feel alone to continuing selling vegetable here for next year!!
My vision of Natural way of life is still Semi-Nomadism ,so i'm looking also for a place to camp with orchard in south France.I already know a place in north east of france and north of spain(Flores de Vida)).I'd like to build first a "base camp" in south france for next spring and scout in south Spain again around Almunecar so,because we share commun ideas ,i wish we can join our energy in the Raw food path.
I'll let you know when i'll be travelling south Spain
Thinks,for sharing information like these and see you later
Light and fruits

Date: 19/09/2013

By: Meenhard

Subject: Re: Rawfood Community

Hi Jc,
4 of the fincas are close together some hundreds meters, alos some hndreds meters from the sea, the 5th is around 2 km from the other. The rent is between 800 and 1.800 Euro per finca.

Date: 17/07/2013

By: Freya

Subject: German Gathering 2013

Here's a little history of a bigger mystery, I have written this song into my soul.
If it isn't what you are use too, I hope it will amuse you and maybe if you choose, you will sing along,
I am as old as the universe, I've been here before and I will be here again, a child of the universe, a part of all women and a part of all men.
I am but a flower that blossoms for an hour, yet in me there's a power that goes on and on, power in the roots of me, power in the shoots of me, power in the fruit that will pass my seed on.
I am not a somebody, I am not a nobody, I am a cell in one body, filling no space, all I ever could be and all I ever should be and all I ever will be is .."here in this space

Let's go!! Ebnet- Gersbach

Date: 29/05/2013

By: Pablo

Subject: Come to the Purification Gathering

Hello family,

I want to come in Andalousia for the last week of Purification Gathering (around the 1 of june).
I'm searching a mean of transport from south Francia to the place in the Sierra Carzola.

Is somebody take the same way for this periode?

Thanks :-)

Date: 29/05/2013

By: phoenix

Subject: hello family

ive just arrived in europe looking for a port can i come for the last week and help with cleanup. cya in 5 caravan style

Date: 13/05/2013

By: Claudia

Subject: cycle to rawfood gathering

Hello People,

I would like to join the rawfood gathering in south germany in august. I'm thinking about to go there by bike, with my 2years-old son. Is there anybody, maybe even some other mothers or families with children, who would like to join us?
We live in Hildesheim, near hanover and that would be our starting point.

Also I would like to ask, if there ar some other parents, who would like to build up a childrens kitchen?! The young children cannot eat raw all the time...

Just answer me in the forum or write me a PN to cla_be (ät) gmx (dot) de


Date: 07/05/2013

By: Arthur

Subject: Invitation

Hi ! I just subscribed to the raw food mailing list so i didn't' get the invitation, how can i do to get it ?? thanks

Date: 08/05/2013

By: Meenhard

Subject: Re: Invitation

Please look in the menu: Contact - Write me
Ask for the invitation please

Date: 30/04/2013

By: Meenhard

Subject: Invitation

Now I've sent the invitation finally! It took so long time because of some communication stuff... Hope to see you all sooooooon

Date: 13/03/2013

By: Penilja

Subject: Exact coordinates

Dear family,
I would like to have the exact coordinates for both gathering in Portugal and Spain.
Also if there are any more information than here I would like to know.
PLease send a mail if any information:

Date: 14/03/2013

By: Meenhard

Subject: Re: Exact coordinates

Hi Penilja,
there are no info because it is not decided yet.

Date: 09/04/2013

By: alana

Subject: Re: Re: Exact coordinates

hello. i so wanted to help but dont have a clue...could you not have a healthy food based rainbow style party at the flood damaged land which has the extended outdoor burning licence till half way through june? maybe its not big enough or something? But Patrick did say i could have a party and ive got love for organics and nature and can help pay for a scout to look round here and go again. its 63sq somethings (hectares) and room for tents? not much to steal....would love music here and more people could burn more canya

Date: 09/04/2013

By: alana

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Exact coordinates

sorry burning possible till middle of may i think, not june

Date: 11/04/2013

By: Meenhard

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Exact coordinates

Hello, meanwhile the place is moreorless decided; we want to do it in the Sierra de Carzola, around 200 km northeast of Granada, 1.400 m high up in the mountains. The coordinates you'll find in the invitation, which is in work now. To get it, please subscribe the mailinglist or write me (see menu left). The place of Renate and Patrick is too small, I think, the gathering could get 200 brothers and sisters... But it might be a good idea to make there a smaller gathering now or whenever!

Date: 11/03/2013

By: Chang-yu

Subject: Gathering Location

Dear Meenhard and our beloved friends,

I think Sergio's and Meenhard's compromises for the raw gathering are really wonderful. Have you found the exact location yet, near the sea or the mountain?

My (small immediate) family love raw rainbow gathering which is the most WONDERFUL event we've taken part.
Last year, my family (with 2 young children and a baby) traveled 2000+ km especially for the raw gathering in Germany.
The pristine mountain air and surroundings, lovely friendly people, healthy wholesome raw foods are still fresh in our memory.

The only pity things are a few people smoked cigarettes near the parking area (where we lived in our camper van); ate or offered cooked food or non-vegan foods near others' campsites (I'm sure their intentions was good). Some friends came for raw food experience, but it was hard for them to resist the temptations after these exposures.
I hope the compromises Meedhard's suggested will also be a good solution to these 2 issues.

We plan to join raw Purification Gathering in Spain this May. It'll be 5000+ km round trip to drive (hopefully we can find enough cheap vegetable oil to power our camper).

Look forward to meeting you all.
Blessings from Chang-yu & family

Date: 14/03/2013

By: Meenhard

Subject: Re: Gathering Location

Hi Chang-yu,
your suggestion about the parking area might be a difficult to realize, because people think the parking area wouldn't belong to the gathering area, and of course they can do what they want in their van... But I'm happy if you try to improve the healing energy in the parking area in a respectful way. The Rawfood Gatherings need people like you :-)

Date: 17/03/2013

By: Chang-yu

Subject: Re: Re: Gathering Location

Hi Meenhard,
Thank you so much for the kind words. Your generosity and warm-hearted nature is drawing like-mined people together.
We are and will always be respectful of others choices (even if it's difference to ours). Bless all things will work out well for this year gatherings. We can hardly wait to meet you all.

Date: 04/03/2013

By: francesca

Subject: confusion!

will the raw food gathering in south spain in march happen or will it be in may? (:

Date: 05/03/2013

By: Meenhard

Subject: Re: confusion!

There will be a Purification Gathering from 10 May to 08 June. The main food circle will be due to our agreement only on raw food. If this agreement doesn't work, I'll suggest to make a raw food area with raw foodcicles.

Date: 22/02/2013

By: el ruso

Subject: cool

cool ))

Date: 11/02/2013

By: Meenhard

Subject: Purification Gathering

Sergio suggests:

hey meenhard, there are lot of beautiful places in spain, we are talking about to organize a purification gathering this spring..the purpose is so close to the rawfood gathering that we could unite for one time, this is my purpose for purification gathering (...)

the point is that its already consensus from january in malaga that its gonna be a spring gathering in portugal in one of these its gonna be a normal gathering.i dont want to be involve in the organization of normal gathering because of the the same for a lot of people that its talking now in the forum about find a place...for me the syncronicity told me to prupose you to organize a purification-raw mainly rawfoodist but not radical, and like me the most of the people like alicia, mikel, kael..there is now a strong spanish family willing to organize a we have two moons..and one its already filled with the normal gathering the other one could be for us to unite...and in that way we gonna have lot of materials , tipis , kitchen tarps , etc...from the iberian family...and we can keep the organization of the circle making a mandala wiht mainly raw food, but like some people dont want to be 100% raw food we should have sometimes a pot of organic integral rice , or some other cocked place..this is the food circle sistem that i gonna prupose anyway for a purification gathering...i think its positive to join efforts for the purification of the energies , and this will create a bigger and stronger family..look the benefits of not be that extremits for the whole comunity..i think raw food is the best but for the normal people to go 100percent rawfood inmediatly after being eating normal food during all their lives,it takes time, its better progresive..and in that way its better for the body and the mind..

Date: 11/02/2013

By: Meenhard

Subject: Re: Purification Gathering

I hope we don´t need to make both raw gathering and purification gathering. That means:
Normal gathering in Portugal: 10 Apr - 08 May
Raw purification gathering in Spain: 08 May - 06 June

If some people wish to make also a Rawfood Gathering, they should mobilize some energy for scouting, so that it can take place already from 11 Mar - 10 Apr.

About smoking: At the Rawfood Gatherings in Spain I saw sometimes people smoking on places where it might be far enough from the main circle in their thinking; it is difficult to prevent this. I would prefer if they do not smoke at changing places but only at one place. At this smoking place we also could make a sign with an appeal to smoke as less as possible.

Date: 14/02/2013

By: Mili

Subject: Re: Purification Gathering

Beloved Family,

That idea is just Great!!! Thanks for Sharing, i think thats the Way to open rawfood to the Family. Extremistic behaviour is Not going to open for the goods of getting a healthier society.
I Love you for that suggestion of enclosure the Rawfood and the Rainbow gathering, Hope so much that it will work out well!!!
Hearthug and Aloha

Date: 28/02/2013

By: Jamuna

Subject: Re: Re: Purification Gathering

Hi lovly brother,
I have not your e-mail adress so I ask you here....I unterstand so that the rawfood gatehring is now in may, our mybe something can change in the nekt days about scouting and we have in march a gathering?
You can olso anserw here me: , Im in march in spain. Thank you! with love

Date: 19/02/2013

By: Meenhard

Subject: Re: Purification Gathering

Hi brothers and sisters,
meanwhile I got several mails from people who are happy about this solution, but also two mails from people who are disappointed about the compromises. Here I want to explain how we came to this compromises:

In the last Rawfood Gathering in South Spain we decided to make the next Rawfood Gathering from
11 Mar to 10 Apr if we find a warm place close to the coast or
10 May to 08 June if we do it high up in the Sierra Carzola.

In January there was a normal Rainbow Gathering on a nice place close to the coast, and two people were up to try to get this place for the Rawfood Gathering from 11 March or to scout for another place. So some Spanish Rainbow people decided to make a "Purification Gathering" from 10 May.

However, the nice place close to the coast is not available, and the both people didn't want to scout anymore, because there came other things to do for them. So I suggested in the mailing list, to make the Rawfood Gathering from 10 May in the Sierra Carzola; I didn't know about the planned Purification Gathering.

Some days later I got a mail from Sergio, that they want to make in the same time this Purification Gathering. He suggested to unite the Purification Gathering with the Rawfood Gathering, with some compromises for both. And finally, I'm happy, that there is in the Rainbow movement such a strong will for purification and raw food! So let's be happy together :-)

Date: 27/02/2013

By: Meenhard

Subject: Re: Purification Gathering

Here the compromises, which I suggest:
There will be a place, a bit separated from the main circle, where people can cook in a simple way, that means without sugar, white flour, refined oil and chemical additives.

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