Date: 11/02/2013

By: Meenhard

Subject: Purification Gathering

Sergio suggests:

hey meenhard, there are lot of beautiful places in spain, we are talking about to organize a purification gathering this spring..the purpose is so close to the rawfood gathering that we could unite for one time, this is my purpose for purification gathering (...)

the point is that its already consensus from january in malaga that its gonna be a spring gathering in portugal in one of these its gonna be a normal gathering.i dont want to be involve in the organization of normal gathering because of the the same for a lot of people that its talking now in the forum about find a place...for me the syncronicity told me to prupose you to organize a purification-raw mainly rawfoodist but not radical, and like me the most of the people like alicia, mikel, kael..there is now a strong spanish family willing to organize a we have two moons..and one its already filled with the normal gathering the other one could be for us to unite...and in that way we gonna have lot of materials , tipis , kitchen tarps , etc...from the iberian family...and we can keep the organization of the circle making a mandala wiht mainly raw food, but like some people dont want to be 100% raw food we should have sometimes a pot of organic integral rice , or some other cocked place..this is the food circle sistem that i gonna prupose anyway for a purification gathering...i think its positive to join efforts for the purification of the energies , and this will create a bigger and stronger family..look the benefits of not be that extremits for the whole comunity..i think raw food is the best but for the normal people to go 100percent rawfood inmediatly after being eating normal food during all their lives,it takes time, its better progresive..and in that way its better for the body and the mind..

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