Date: 11/02/2013

By: Meenhard

Subject: Re: Purification Gathering

I hope we don´t need to make both raw gathering and purification gathering. That means:
Normal gathering in Portugal: 10 Apr - 08 May
Raw purification gathering in Spain: 08 May - 06 June

If some people wish to make also a Rawfood Gathering, they should mobilize some energy for scouting, so that it can take place already from 11 Mar - 10 Apr.

About smoking: At the Rawfood Gatherings in Spain I saw sometimes people smoking on places where it might be far enough from the main circle in their thinking; it is difficult to prevent this. I would prefer if they do not smoke at changing places but only at one place. At this smoking place we also could make a sign with an appeal to smoke as less as possible.

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