Date: 19/02/2013

By: Meenhard

Subject: Re: Purification Gathering

Hi brothers and sisters,
meanwhile I got several mails from people who are happy about this solution, but also two mails from people who are disappointed about the compromises. Here I want to explain how we came to this compromises:

In the last Rawfood Gathering in South Spain we decided to make the next Rawfood Gathering from
11 Mar to 10 Apr if we find a warm place close to the coast or
10 May to 08 June if we do it high up in the Sierra Carzola.

In January there was a normal Rainbow Gathering on a nice place close to the coast, and two people were up to try to get this place for the Rawfood Gathering from 11 March or to scout for another place. So some Spanish Rainbow people decided to make a "Purification Gathering" from 10 May.

However, the nice place close to the coast is not available, and the both people didn't want to scout anymore, because there came other things to do for them. So I suggested in the mailing list, to make the Rawfood Gathering from 10 May in the Sierra Carzola; I didn't know about the planned Purification Gathering.

Some days later I got a mail from Sergio, that they want to make in the same time this Purification Gathering. He suggested to unite the Purification Gathering with the Rawfood Gathering, with some compromises for both. And finally, I'm happy, that there is in the Rainbow movement such a strong will for purification and raw food! So let's be happy together :-)

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