Date: 11/03/2013

By: Chang-yu

Subject: Gathering Location

Dear Meenhard and our beloved friends,

I think Sergio's and Meenhard's compromises for the raw gathering are really wonderful. Have you found the exact location yet, near the sea or the mountain?

My (small immediate) family love raw rainbow gathering which is the most WONDERFUL event we've taken part.
Last year, my family (with 2 young children and a baby) traveled 2000+ km especially for the raw gathering in Germany.
The pristine mountain air and surroundings, lovely friendly people, healthy wholesome raw foods are still fresh in our memory.

The only pity things are a few people smoked cigarettes near the parking area (where we lived in our camper van); ate or offered cooked food or non-vegan foods near others' campsites (I'm sure their intentions was good). Some friends came for raw food experience, but it was hard for them to resist the temptations after these exposures.
I hope the compromises Meedhard's suggested will also be a good solution to these 2 issues.

We plan to join raw Purification Gathering in Spain this May. It'll be 5000+ km round trip to drive (hopefully we can find enough cheap vegetable oil to power our camper).

Look forward to meeting you all.
Blessings from Chang-yu & family

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