Date: 17/07/2013

By: Freya

Subject: German Gathering 2013

Here's a little history of a bigger mystery, I have written this song into my soul.
If it isn't what you are use too, I hope it will amuse you and maybe if you choose, you will sing along,
I am as old as the universe, I've been here before and I will be here again, a child of the universe, a part of all women and a part of all men.
I am but a flower that blossoms for an hour, yet in me there's a power that goes on and on, power in the roots of me, power in the shoots of me, power in the fruit that will pass my seed on.
I am not a somebody, I am not a nobody, I am a cell in one body, filling no space, all I ever could be and all I ever should be and all I ever will be is .."here in this space

Let's go!! Ebnet- Gersbach

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