Date: 19/09/2013

By: Jc

Subject: Rawfood Community

Hello Meenhard,
nice to hearing from you,I'm still interest in the project,tell me more about lands ,are they around Jozeph Finca or spread in the area(like mountain and sea side)?How much cost the land renting,are there water running possibilities? I' ve already plan to go south in Winter from January to March i' think,I'll be pleased to visit you ,jozeph,and the tribe.
I've started "base camp" in Parent's land (near Nantes)but feel alone to continuing selling vegetable here for next year!!
My vision of Natural way of life is still Semi-Nomadism ,so i'm looking also for a place to camp with orchard in south France.I already know a place in north east of france and north of spain(Flores de Vida)).I'd like to build first a "base camp" in south france for next spring and scout in south Spain again around Almunecar so,because we share commun ideas ,i wish we can join our energy in the Raw food path.
I'll let you know when i'll be travelling south Spain
Thinks,for sharing information like these and see you later
Light and fruits

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