Review 2014

Rawfood Walkabout - South Spain

Drawing: hiker11 - 14 Jan 2014  ★  Here in South Spain the coldest time in the year is really nice for walking - if the weather is sunny like on this walkabout! The first both days we walked directly along the coast, then landinside into the mountains...


Rawfood Gathering - South Spain

Zeichnung Circle10.05. - 08.06.2014  ★  After 3 times (2011, 2012, 2013) celebrating the gathering on the private ground of the project „El Pardal“ of Amiro in the Sierra de Cazorla, 1.500 m high up in the mountains., we decided to do it this time 2 km away from the project on the ground of an abandoned finca, which is not fenced in like the land of El Pardal, surrounded from nice nature. The parking was 2 km away from the gathering, and the next village was even 30 km away. Hitchhikers had to walk from the next asphalted road more than 2 hours through the mountains. So it became a small gathering; we were 20 people at full moon. But there was a nice energy in harmony, so all the people were happy about the gathering. I think this area is perfect for a Rawfood Gathering, if enough people are ready to take the long way to get there.


Rawfood Gathering - South Germany

Zeichnung Circle08.07. - 06.08.2013  ★  The place of this gathering, close to the village Gomadingen, around 50 km South of Stuttgart, was beautiful: A big meadow, surrounded from a forest with various kinds of young and old trees. There are a wooden house which we used for the kitchen and a big area under a metall roof. Some little disadvantages were a little bit traffic noise hearable in the night, the next village Gomadingen was only one km away, and the next spring with drinking water was also one km away. We were around 60 people at full moon – the half of last year. Reasons: At the same time there was the Waorld Rainbow Gathering in Hungary, the weather was sometimes rainy, and the invitation we asked not to publish in internet. And we felt the gathering was big enough. Some conflicts we had to solve, because a few brothers and sisters tended to provocate. However, we enjoyed the beauty of the people again.


Rawfood Walkabout - South Germany

Drawing: hiker13. - 18.09.2014  ★  15 people left the Rawfood Gathering at the 13. Sept, to hike in direction North to Bad Urach and arround. There are some caves. We visited the Klopfjörgleshöhle, at Bad Urach two waterfalls, the Höllenlöcher and the Falkensteiner Höhle. The Mondmilchhöhle at Gutenberg we were searching two hours, but we didn't find it. For overnight the caves were too small for us; we slept outdoor and taught plastik (tarps) over the sleeping places against the rain. That was helpful because in the first two days it was rainy, then we got a lot of sun. For eating we found some blackberries, Hawthorn berries, nuts, many apples, pears und plums. Additionally we bought seeds, avocados and vegetables.


Rawfood Walkabout - South Spain