Review 2015

Rawfood Gathering - South Spain

Zeichnung Circle27.03. - 07.04.2015  ★  After 3 times (2012, 2013, 2014) celebrating the gathering 1.500 m high up in the mountains in the Sierra de Cazorla, we decided to do it this time on a more accessable place close to Álora/Málaga. Because it was private land, we made the gathering shorter than the others: less than two weeks. There we used the nice spot of Patrick and Renate, at the river Guadalhorce. We heard dogs and trains in the night, also we saw lights from surrounded houses, but all in all it was a really nice peaceful gathering with wonderful brothers and sisters, up to 40 at full moon. One brother shared his knowledge how to make Terra Preta with compost, shit and chracoal. It helps both the earth being fertile in a long term and the climate by reducing the greenhouse effect. We are thinking, this concept could and should improve the way of shitpit and compost disposal on Rainbow Gatherings. We had no rain on the gathering, and it was quite warm.


Rawfood Walkabout - South Spain

Drawing: hiker07. - 12.04.2015  ★  10 people left the Rawfood Gathering at April 07, to hike in direction North to the amazing mountains of El Chorro and the big nice water reservoirs, later we were 9 people. We had luck with the weather, because it was only a little raining and not too hot. We entered also the Caminito del Rey.