Changings possible - Costs on the base of gifts - We're camping in nice nature and live on raw food, air, light and love


Healing Rawfood Gathering - South Spain

01 to 23 June, 2017  ★  Beloved family, 4 weeks ago we sent out the invitation for a Healing Rawfood Gathering in Sierre de Carzola, in the South of Spain.
Shortly after we received another calling from the family to gather in Cuenca (Spain) during the sam lunar circle.
This is one of the reasons why we are doubting the need for a separate Rawfood Gathering.

We're suggesting to join the Rainbow Gathering Cuenca and share the Healing Rawfood energy.

Additionally, we could come together for a Rawfood Walkabout during or after the Gathering.

What do you think, feel, want?

If there is a strong wish for a seperate Rawfood Gathering, we are happy to dedicate ourselves to it
- so please let us know! :)

The idea of this Gathering is to eat fruits, herbs, flowers, seeds, nuts and roots just as mother earth gives them to us - thus without changing them by cooking... we share as sisters and brothers in the spirit of love... Children are welcome.

Please don´t bring dogs! Even well behaved dogs with conscientious owners will sometimes fight, run, bark, and soil. This would be a problem as our kitchen is always open, our table is on the ground, we eat wild plants which we collect from around the gathering place, and there are wild animals... So please leave your dogs at a friend's or relative's place.

The gathering will take place in the Sierra de Cazorla, on a really beautiful place, with several sources of drinking water, also a river with a swimming pool is close by. If you come without car, you'll have a beautiful walk of 3 hours through the mountains. Our parking is 2 km away from the gathering. So if you come by car, please offer a ride under Ridesharing, for people who don't want to walk!
Seedcamp: Two days before the gathering we need helpers for preparations.
The invitation I've sent already per newsletter. If you need it still, please write me!
Costs: On the base of gifts (Magic Hat).
Loving companonship, sun light, pure air, clean water, wild nature, raw food - a wonderful opportunity of healing.


Walkabout- South Spain

In the summer or autumn - if you have a wish, please write me!  ★  The plan: We start with a Rawfood Potluck in a big cave (you can spend many hours to explore all the tunnels!) close to La Maroma - that is with 2.066m the highest mountain in my area. So we've to go up! On the way we visit another cave and sleep in it. Then we follow the crest with wonderful views till we come to a land where might arise an ecovillage in future... We go down where I live on rented land close to Nerja-Maro.


Nomadic Rawfood Retreat - South Spain

Aug 24 - Sept 07, 2017  ★  We'll walk only a few kms per day, and if we feel we stay on one place. This year we do it around 50 kms away from the Mediterranean coast, around the villages Pitres, Bubion and Pampaneira in the Northeast of the town Órgiva. There are many fruit trees like figs and mulberries., also wild herbs, and the area is beautiful.

Registration: Please write me!



Bicycle tour - South Spain

Nov 2017, the exact dates we decide after registration (postponed from 2016 to 2017, because the date plames were pruned in summer 2016)   ★  In November I want to visit my parents in Germany. The first 150 km, maybe more, I'll do by bicycle: form Nerja to Almeria. Before Almeria, there is a village which I want to see again: Aguadulce. This village has on many roads date palmes, so that we can eat many kinds of dates directly from the palme trees!

Maybe we'll ride 300 km further: to Elche (Elx) at Alicante, a small town, where we can find a few parks full of publical date palmes...Destiny might be Alicante, where I atore my bicycle for around 10 days.

Afterwards, when I come back from Germany, I'll drive back, and you can join as well if you want. The dates will still there...

We prefer small roads, even if they make detours. However, we cannot avoid main roads sometimes. Details we decide after registration, the dates as well - please write me!


Walkabouts - Palestine/Israel

Drawing: WandererIn Israel there are Walkabouts, which are quite similar to our Walkabouts: on the base of gifts and with only raw food. More info you can find at:




Walkabout, Bicycle tour, paddle tour, garden camp, tree planting workshop... - wherever :)

Drawing: WandererDo you have an idea to create an own event? If it is on base of raw food, donations and several days lasting, I'm happy to announce it here. If you sent me an invitation in english and if applicable also in the national language of the event with all important info, I can forward it also to the newsletter with more than 1400 people. Please make sure that the direction to the event is clear and unmistakably. And then - please write me!








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