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30 Jul - 07 Aug 2005 G Camp in a garden, close to Hannover, Germany, up to 10 participants
07 Aug - 14 Aug   " G Bicycle tour Bordenau/Hannover – Freiburg, Germany, 3 to 5 participants
15 Aug - 27 Aug   " G Summer camp close to Freiburg; up to 20 participants
27 Aug - 03 Sep    " G Slowly walking tour Freiburg – Müllheim, up to 12 adults and 5 children
03 Sep - 15 Oct     " GS Long walking tour Germany – Spain; up to 11 participants (3 till Barcelona)
15 Mar - 09 Apr 2006 S Rainbow on a little beach close to Nerja, South Spain, up to 30 participants
02 Aug - 06 Aug    " G Camp in a garden in Bordenau/Hannover, Germany, up to 9 participants
17 Aug - 20 Aug    " G Raft tour close to Hannover, 2 participants
20 Aug - 27 Aug    " G Walking tour on the North Sea, up to 7 participants
28 Oct - 06 Dec     " GS Long bicycle tour Karlsruhe (Germany) – Málaga (Spain); 4 paticipants
16 Mar - 08 Apr 2007 S Rawfood Gathering on a little beach in South Spain, up to 30 participants
12 Aug - 18 Aug    " G Walking tour Rinteln - Hannover, up to 12 paticipants
19 Aug - 26 Aug    " G Garden camp in Bordenau/Hannover, up to 10 participants
26 Aug - 04 Sep    " G Raft tour Bordenau/Hannover – Bremen, up to 5 participants
12 Feb - 21 Feb 2008 S Walking tour Nerja – Granada – Orgiva, South Spain, up to 5 participants
13 Mar - 16 Mar     " S Fastening walking tour in the mountains close to Nerja, up to 16 participants
21 Mar - 06 Apr     " G Rawfood Rainbow in the mountains close to Nerja, up to 40 participants
13 Jul - 27 Jul       " G Walking tour in South Germany Kisslegg – Füssen, up to 16 participants
06 Oct - 19 Nov     " GS Bicycle tour Wiesbaden (West Germany) – Nerja (South Spain), 2 participants
01 Dec - 09 Dec    " S Walking tour Nerja – Canillas de Aceituno – mountains – Nerja; up to 3 participants
01 Mar - 10 Mar 2009 S Walking-tour over the mountains Nerja - Orgiva, up to 5 participants
20 Mar - 23 Mar     " S Fasting-/ Rawfood-Retreat in the mountains; up to 5 participants
31 Mar - 12 Apr     " S Rawfood Gathering, South Spain, up to 80 participants
22 Jul - 02 Aug      " G Rawfood Gathering, South Germany, up to 20 participants
02 Aug - 06 Aug    " G Walking-tour, South Germany, up to 6 participants
19 Sep - 19 Oct     " GS Bicycle-tour Basel - South Spain, up to 3 participants
22 Nov - 06 Dec     " S Walkabout Nerja - Orgiva - Santa Fé
25 Mar - 13 Apr 2010 S Rawfood Gathering, South Spain, close to Órgiva, up to 80 participants
16 Apr - 24 Apr      " S Walkabout, South Spain, Beneficio (Órgiva) - Nerja, up to 17 participants
08 Aug - 14 Aug    " G Walkabout, South Germany, up to 18 participants
18 Aug - 08 Sept   " G Rawfood Gathering, South Germany, up to 60 participants
  G = Germany
  S = Spain


News archive

11 Feb 2013
Gathering in South Spain: There is a discussion to make some compromises; see: Forum


01 Dec 2012
Mailing list: Because of technical problems you got in the last days needless mails - please excuse me. Since the 29 Nov every member was able to write to everyone. This has an end now. More info: invitations


Walkabouts: The walkabout from 07 August will happen like announced. Meeting point is at the main infoboard after the Magic Hat of the midday foodcircle.
The walkabout from 26 August will happen as well. We´ll start in the evening with a potluck in the village El Morreon close to Órgiva in South Spain. More details in the invitation. I´ll send the invitation at the latest at 18 August.


Rawfood Gathering in Southeast Germany: Because of the hunters this gathering will take place in Juni 2013.


European Rainbow Gathering in Slovakia: To get the invitation, please write a mail to: We are on the way from the Rawfood Gathering to the European Rainbow Gathering, a funny journey with several vans...

Rawfood Gathering in Southeast Germany: There are some people planning a Rawfood Gathering after the European Gathering, maybe close to Salzburg...


07 July 2012
Rawfood Gathering in South Germany: We are around 50 brothers and sisters now, and all is fine. Tomorrow, on sunday, we have a little performance in the next village Gersbach. And on tuesday midday we´ll start our wildfood walkabout.


11 June 2012
Rawfood Gathering in South Germany: We ordered already food for more than 350 Euro - therein 25 kg sunflower seeds from regional organic agriculture. Last year we realized that they tasted to us much better than the cheaper organic sunflower seeds from China which you can find in the most health food shops.


07 May 2012
Rawfood Community in Spain: Because of privat reasons the finka of Jozsef is not available anymore for our community. However, I still would like to create a garden in nice nature, in a neighbourhood or community of other raw food people. Saturday and sunday we'll make a walk and visit a land where we maybe could create such a community. We'll pass also nice nature both in a valley and on the top of mountains - you're welcome to join!

07 April 2012
Gathering in Spain: We are here on a special gathering: 3 food circles we had in the snow! After some pleasant sunny days the winter came back; it was snowing two nights, the day after the snow was melting almost completely. Today many people left because of the cold. But they were happy to be here, with wonderful music, sharing clothes, place in the vans...

Now we're around 20 brothers and sisters. Today we had a talking circle about moving to an alternative place close to Órgiva, but we decided to stay here! The energy of this mountains is so amazing, and we want this special experience...

If you want to come, please be prepared for rain and cold (weather forecast - and add a few cold degrees, because we're even higher) and the difficult way to get here


24 March 2012
Gathering in Spain: Yesterday we arrived the gathering, here are now 13 people all in all - therein 3 children! The snow is almost gone, and the temperatures are raising. From tuesday it's supposed to get quite sunny and warm. But the nights can be cold, so please bring warm things! See weather forecast. It´s a really nice separated place with a spring and a pool for swimming. If you come by car please bring ecologic raw food as much as possible - and people! You can offer lifts in the guestbook.


22 March 2012
Gathering in Spain: At the gathering place the winter came back: 40 cm snow has fallen! Yesterday the sun thawed a lot, but still cars can arrive only with snow chain and shovel. However we have now snow chain; we want to drive there tomorrow, so that the sun has more time for  thawing.


12 March 2012
Gathering in Spain: We found a place: with 1.450 m quite high, but very separated, calm and with a phantastic view! The invitation comes in five minutes :-) Here a part of the spot:


27 February 2012
Gathering in Spain: We thought the place at Órgiva was sure, but now the owner canceled it. Now we think to do it in Beneficio over the Italian plateau or at the same place like last year - but we don't have a permission; the authority didn't answer. If you have another idea or would like to help - please as soon as possible...


22 February 2012
Gathering in Spain: We found a nice private place, about one km from Beneficio, with spring water and a pool, in a small raw food orientated community. They want the gathering there, but we have to check out some questions. I hope to be able to send the invitation in some days.


06 Sept 2011
Gathering in September: We are about 30 people. And we changed the place, but at the new place the water is also not the best. However, the people enjoy the gathering. In the next yeras I will not so much events foculize like this year, it´s much for me...


16 Aug 2011
European Rainbow Ga­the­ring in North Portugal: I´m there - together with more or less 2000 brothers and sisters! At every foodcircle we hold a rawfood circle with about 80 people.
Gathering in September: We found a nice place between Madrid and the Portuguese border. In 4 days I´ll start a bicycle tour to there. If you need an invitation, please write me.


03 Jan 2011:
I'm still in Switzerland. Since some weeks I try to find a spot for the Gathering  from June 2011 in South Germany. In the end of January I'll drive to South Spain.


14 Aug 2010:
Here I'll report on reasons for our decisions, scouting activities, new entries, changes of this website... Today the German version of this website moved from (with much advertising) to - I had a lot of work to design the new website.


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Flyer Rawfood Gathering 2007, Spain
Gathering 16 Mar - 08 Apr 2007, Spain

Flyer Rawfood Gathering 2008, Spain
Gathering 21 Mar - 06 Apr 2008, Spain



Flyer Rawfood Gathering 2009, Spain
Gathering 31 Mar - 12 Apr 2009, Spain

Flyer Rawfood Gathering 2009, Germany
 Gathering 22 July - 02 Aug 2009, Germany



Flyer Rawfood Gathering 2010, Spain
Gathering 25 Mar - 13 Apr 2010, Spain

Flyer Rawfood Gathering 2010, Spain
Gathering 25 Mar - 13 Apr 2010, Spain



Gathering 18 Aug - 08 Sep 2010, Germany